Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning services for Fargo and Moorhead

Air Duct Cleaning in Fargo-Moorhead

Many people are unaware of their need for regular air duct cleaning and servicing. Unknown to them is a breeding ground for germs, pollen, dust and dander, and even insects and rodents right there in their heating and cooling ducts. This can lead to much more than just poor air flow. It can result in respiratory conditions from breathing in too much debris, as well as creating a pest control situation if it becomes a haven for bugs or other small critters. This is where having the experienced professionals here at Big Fish Cleaning & Restoration provide an air duct cleaning in Fargo can be of tremendous benefit to you and your home.

Benefits of Regular Cleanings Air Ducts

There are a number of ways that having an air duct cleaning in Fargo performed can help not only you and your family, but also your home. By reducing the dirt and dust in your vents, it helps to keep the entire home environment cleaner. This includes carpet, furniture, and other surfaces. It also allows for a better performance from your furnace by removing particles and debris which may be restricting air flow.

Industrial Equipment

We use high powered specialty tools and equipment that allow us to not only blow out and vacuum up the various dirt and debris which are present in most people’s vents, but which also allow us to brush the entire length of the vent for the most thorough air duct cleaning service possible.

Removal of Pet Dander

Our technicians will thoroughly clean the system and rid it of all of the nasty hair and dander that your little friend invisibly sheds into the air every day. Not only will it make the air quality better, it will make the energy output more efficient as well.

Reduce Dust and Allergens

Since most people have some degree of allergies, even if it is low, getting rid of the dirt and dust buildup in your air ducts can have a profound impact on the air quality and breathability inside your home.

Cleaning After an Event at Home

Social gatherings or parties of any kind bring a lot of excitement, joy, and fun into your home, but they also bring a world of dirt, germs, and other bacteria. Whether it’s a holiday gathering or a birthday party, having a service immediately following is a wise move.

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