Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning services for Moorhead MN and Fargo ND.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Fargo

A lot of people have no idea how important it is to make sure that their dryer vents are properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. A frequent duct cleaning is not only a good way to make sure that your dryer continues functioning efficiently, it is also necessary to reduce the risks associated with a clogged vent such as having to replace the heating element in the dryer or even possibly a fire. A frequent dryer vent cleaning in Fargo can take care of these issues. Call us here at Big Fish Cleaning & Restoration today and let us help make sure your dryer is clean and safe.

The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Aside from the more serious issues that come as a result of neglecting your dryer vent cleaning in Fargo, there are a number of practical and financial reasons to make sure you stay on top of it as well. Things such as less money spent on energy bills, faster drying and better smelling clothes, and less time spent doing laundry are just a few.

No matter where you live, the fact is that we all wear clothes, they all get dirty, and we all have to wash them. This means that our dryer vent is constantly in use and it is constantly trapping lint inside of it. Only 60% of lint is captured inside the dryer, the other 40% gets stuck in or on the outside of the vent. Now think about how often you clean your dryer lint trap, compared to how often you clean the vent.


If you have a larger family and do a lot of washing and drying of clothes, it is recommended that you pay extra attention to your dryer vents and the condition that they may be in.


The National Fire Prevention Agency recommends that at the very least you have your dryer vent serviced once every 12 months, although preferably more often. Over 16,000 fires per year originate in the laundry room for this reason.

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Not only should this be done as a courtesy, but also to avoid any possible liability for a future disaster that may come about as a result of failure to properly service and maintain this system.

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